Motherhood ‘Must Haves’

Anytime I was invited to a baby shower I would get nervous thinking about picking out the perfect gift.  I didn’t have a baby and I had NO idea what to get someone having a baby.  Becoming a mother has changed that.  I now look forward to those invitations and get excited when I am given the chance to go shopping!

These are a few of my favourite Motherhood ‘Must Haves’ that have made my life so much easier.

Cover Me Poncho

Whether you are breastfeeding or not, this nursing poncho will come in handy.  My daughter does not like being covered and I choose not to cover her because of a forceful letdown (if that’s what you call it) that I have to monitor so I don’t end up spraying her in the face.  But, this poncho still makes nursing easier because of the colourful patterns it helps keep my distracted daughter focused and the material is super stretchy so she enjoys pulling on it which also helps keep her focused.

If you are not breastfeeding this poncho can still come in handy (and not to mention it’s very stylish) because it acts as a stroller/car seat cover (it’s very breathable and the hole for your neck allows you to be able to peak in at your little one), a burp cloth, a blanket, a swaddling blanket and a scarf!

Seriously… best piece of clothing I own! 




Georgina Naturals Baby Body Lotion

This is a favourite of mine because we love tummy time.  Tummy time is an important part of the day for a baby and we do it often.  Our favourite tummy time is after baths when we give our daughter a massage with this natural lotion.  It is scent free so it is perfect for sensitive skin.  It is made with wheatgerm and extra virgin olive oil to help nourish and gently moisturize your baby’s delicate skin.


Onya Baby Carrier

A good carrier is essential.  Regardless of your hobbies or interests, a baby carrier will come in handy.  We like to hike so it was important that we invested in a good carrier that not only provides the optimal (safe) positioning for our baby but that we can wear in comfort without straining our backs.  Trust me on this one.  There is a reason that the good carriers cost more.  If you are willing to spend the money, you will have a happy baby and a happy back.  This carrier was worth every penny to us.



Bumkins Wet/Dry Bag

We cloth diaper so this was the reason we got this bag but even if we didn’t I would have found it very useful.  For cloth diapers we use it to carry the wet/soiled diapers when we are out and about.  We have a few wet/dry bags and this one is by far our favourite.  It is well made and I really like that it has two different compartments so you can store dry stuff in one section and wet stuff in the other!  I always have this bag in my diaper bag incase of accidents (to put the wet clothes in) and we use it quite often for our wet swim suits.  We never go to the beach without it.


KangarooCare Necklace

Another nursing product that is NOT just for nursing mothers.  Aside from using this to keep my daughter focused while she eats, it has many uses.  It has become her favourite teething ‘toy’.  When we are out and about I don’t have to worry about her constantly dropping her toys on the ground.  I wear the necklace and she plays with it, chews on it, and loves it!  I also hang it over her head and she practices grabbing it which helps her fine motor skills.  I only ever let her play with this necklace while I’m supervising her.  This might be my favourite Motherhood ‘Must Have’. 



(It is also available on Etsy)

Fun Fact: Most of these businesses are “small businesses” and “when you buy from a small business you are not helping a CEO buy a third vacation home.  You are helping a little girl get dance lessons, a little boy get his team jersey, a mom or dad put food on the table, a family pay a mortgage, or a student pay for college.”

Bonus – you don’t even have to leave your couch to purchase any of these items 😉